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X-VCD Player 2.0

X-VCD Player is a very simple, neat and handy VCD player
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X-VCD Player is a very simple, neat and handy application developed to help you play VCDs (Video CDs). It is meant to be extremely easy-to-use and straightforward, therefore it focuses on being neat, intuitive and lightweight. There are no intricate options or complicated features, just a self-explanatory interface and some basic functions like zooming and full-size display.

Anyway, its simplicity is not the only advantage of this nice little tool. X-VCD Player is also quite versatile, being capable of playing not only classic VCDs, but also SVCDs, XVCDs, XSVCDs and even MPEG format disks, although for these last ones having MPEG-1/MPEG-2 codecs installed on the computer is required. A simple logging function is also included. Moreover, it can automatically detect the inserted multimedia discs and start playing their contents right away.

There’s not much to say about such a simple tool. If you ever need a quick and easy manner of watching the contents of VCDs, you can rely on this neat utility. Best of all, it is completely free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Lightweight, small, neat and resource-friendly
  • Can also play SVCDs, XVCDs, XSVCDs, etc
  • Free


  • The interface cannot be customized
  • Lacks advanced options and features
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